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Property Management Services in Amarillo, TX

Property performance and profitability are what it's about.  We understand the importance of the relationship with the tenants to maintain retention and make sure the property stays on course with the initial investment strategy. The day to day oversight of commercial property can be daunting and needs to be handled in a proper manner. Notification procedures, the legality of those notifications, accounting reports and reconciliations are required all of which keep our client in compliance.  Our property management services include:

•    General Site Management and Maintenance
•    Lease Negotiation and Retention
•    Rent Collection and Expense Management
•    Tenant Relations and Problem Solving
•    Tenant Credit Reporting
•    Vendor Relations and Management
•    Financial Reporting
•    Budgeting
•    Maintenance Programs and Inspections
•    Market Rent Analysis
•    Marketing Programs

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