Kathleen serves as the Development Manager at Shinall Group, specializing in retail and commercial designs.  With an extensive knowledge of municipal regulations and ordinances, she can assist you with your retail and commercial development needs when determining compatible land uses, development design,  as well as general development questions.


Prior to coming on board with the Shinall Group, Kathleen worked for the City of Amarillo as a Current Planner for three years and then as a Comprehensive Planner for an additional three years.


Kathleen is a southeastern Colorado native, but now calls the Texas Panhandle home.  She has a Bacholer’s degree in Agricultural Business & Economics.  Kathleen is married with two girls.   

Contact: kcollins@shinallgroup.com


7826 Tarrytown Ave.

Amarillo, Texas 79121

Phone: (806) 803-9056