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Shinall Group Real Estate Services in Amarillo, Texas



At Shinall Group, we strive to make your real estate transaction smooth, simple, and most of all, successful. Bottom line profitability is our No. 1 goal. We specialize in retail, land, office, industrial and multifamily brokerage.

Shinall Group offers both buyers and sellers a vast knowledge of the Texas real estate market, strategic marketing, expert consultation as well as honest, dedicated representation.



Real estate development is a cyclical business. For investors, a successful real estate development project hinges on time and budget efficiency. From financial analysis and site selection to building design and final inspection, you need a detailed roadmap in order to achieve your goals.

Shinall Group offers expert guidance to help ensure your residential or commercial development project is completed on time and on budget. Allow Shinall Group to act as your key development advisor and streamline your project from start to finish.



In real estate, every client’s objectives, constraints and circumstances are unique. Oftentimes, an experienced real estate consultant is needed to navigate the market’s complexities and to evaluate inherent risks and potential returns.

Shinall Group represents high-wealth, large real estate portfolio owners with the utmost savvy and foresight. Shinall Group is also experienced in condemnation proceedings and tax protests.



Real estate investments require a great deal of expertise, insight into the market and a keen eye for value. No matter how small or large, a sound strategy and clearly defining your real estate goals at the beginning is essential to seeing a return on your investment.

With its unparalleled resources, extensive regional market knowledge and due diligence, Shinall Group can help minimize your risk profile and seize the most opportunistic investments that still align with your goals.